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The program was not easy to find on the internet but I did eventually pin it down. Although interesting it did not give me any insight on how to handle my own problem. I am approaching three years as a survivor and am most unhappy with my talking progress. True, I can be understood, but in any pressure situation my ability to communicate goes down the gurgler. Also tiredness has a great effect. I talk as much as I can and even plan my daily walks so I call on op shops where the volunteer staff are always good for a chat. I read out loud daily, but must admit that I should do that a lot more. When walking I whistle often and practice breathing exercises. My brain knows what to say but the mouth and jaw muscles just wont co-operate.
My arm and hand strength and flexibility are both not too bad and are still improving. My leg muscles can carry me 2k and can handle stairs although not with aplomb!
My total body weakness I can tolerate and my reasoning power is not too bad for my age, but my lack of speech does annoy me intensely so I could sympathise with the other victims on that TV programme.

Tue, 11/7/2017 - 7:34pm
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