Dear Kazzer
Unlikely that we ever get all the symptoms of a stroke. Even the FAST is easily thought to mean every symptom but in fact it means any one symptom. I certainly didn't know this before the stroke bit me.
All strokes are different, but many fall in to one of two categories . Transient(TIA) are often less severe and hardly show any permanent damage. Recovery is often 3 months or less. "Full" strokes are often long recovery periods and do leave damage. There will be dead cells which show up on an MRi scan.
Your symptoms are less severe than "normal" full stroke. But we all differ. Don't knock it..I am delighted that you might not be going through the long period of injury that follows a full stroke.

TIAs are often called mini strokes.
Different hospitals classify things differently. So a TIA in your hospital might be a full stroke in mine. Confusing ? Very. Some say a stroke is a stroke, whether its transient or full.

TIAs can also be a warning, so if you are TIA do not ignore what has happened. Stress and anxiety often cause numbness.

So I would ask for my diagnosis and ask if there is any permanent damage. Then you start to take remedial steps.
I have no medical knowledge, this is just what I pick up from fellow stroke survivors.
Best wishes

Wed, 11/8/2017 - 10:42am
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