Dear Kazzer
It would help you clarify things if you have your diagnosis. Were you admitted to hospital. If so, then when you left, the hospital doctors will write to your GP, with a diagnosis. You are entitled to a copy. The GP staff will get you a copy.
I do wish that non medical people would stop declaring you are in denial. Quite honestly, its a big put down. The stroke that bit me was a classic, simple, unmissable and uncomplicated stroke. It was a full stroke, clot not bleed and the diagnosis was ischemic right lacunar infarct. I could not possibly misunderstand the stroke. Initially paralysed. Consultant showed the MRi scan, a small white ball of dead cells. I have the diagnosis in writing. Yet big mouth wider family have declared I am in denial. It really does bug me.

The head scan, will probably (?) be an Mri which will search for any damage. I am guessing there will be no damage.

Lets hope so


Wed, 11/8/2017 - 11:36am
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