Strokes in older people

My mum suffered a hemorrhagic stroke on Tuesday morning and is currently in the dedicated stroke unit at her local hospital. For an 81 year old, Mum was extremely active and independent prior to her stroke, not wanting help from anyone, including her husband of 57 years. On her first day in hospital, she came across as really frightened and disorientated, which is probably no surprise. This has continued today, but has showed signs of knowing family, particularly my dad, who’s hand she wanted to keep holding. She so wants to communicate, but her speech is so slurred it is difficult to understand her sometimes, but there was such a heartwarming moment when she uttered to my dad that she loved him. Later on, she gave me a right telling off for me wanting to help her with holding her water beaker, wanting to do it on her own. Despite all these little heartwarming moments, to see her so ill and the thought she may not survive is truly heartbreaking. We are just hoping with all our might that the strong mindedness she has had throughout her life will help her through this.

Wed, 11/8/2017 - 9:30pm
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