Strokes in older people

Hi Pam, Colin has given you wise advice. Mum is in the very earliest stage a survivor goes through. We survivors probably all had shock, fear and disorientation in the immediate aftermath of our strokes. I can remember the stroke, but not the trip to hospital, my scan or going to the stroke ward. I could speak in a slurred voice, but had no left side movement. From a stroke ward, it is usual to go to a rehab ward, where the hard work begins. Mum will need all her feistiness to make progress, so encourage her all you can. As Colin says, she will be very tired for a long time.

I am 19 months on and can walk with a stick, bake, cook and go away for short breaks. Rehab, however, varies from person to person. A stroke is not a death sentence but, as Colin points out, we all get older and more vulnerable. Tell her our stories and look after yourself too!

Thu, 11/9/2017 - 10:21am
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