Dear Karen
Welcome to the forum. Lots of good tips from lots of decent people.
You have gone through the worst bits, although there is still a long journey ahead.
I am in my 100th week of recovery, mine was a clot not a bleed.
For me the SF is my biggest problem, but we are all different.
I have been out three times today. Once to a morning group, once to the supermarket and once to a relax group class. I drive to all these. I can get up a step ladder (and down again !) bake cakes, keep my very long garden ticking over and write endless posts on this forum. Please do not think of this as my boasting, it is just that I want to share the good news along the journey.

If you missed earlier posts, I have taken up the suggestion to watch a TV program named "Speechless" which is on the BBC iplayer, but wont be on there for much longer. Although it dragged up the emotionality, eg I cried, it was such an excellent representation of what we go through, I recommend watching.
My mantra is:
Smile four times a day, maybe false or forced or fake, but it still works.
Be positive, concentrate on what you have achieved.
You are not alone.
Best wishes

Fri, 11/10/2017 - 7:33pm
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