Strokes in older people

Hi Pam,
My Mum of age 77 suffered an Intracerebral Hemmhoragic stroke 4 weeks and 3 days ago. First 3 days was not making much sense although knew who we were she seemed distant and not herself. This improved but she was complaining about people and giving out to therapists which is so not her. She was kept in hospital for 12 days and has improved immensely since she got home. There are some things she is trying to say and can't think of words but speech therapist says this will improve over time but will never come back fully. She is in much better form now and has great conversations with me and talks around the word she forgets or will try to get me to figure it out. So much back to her usual lovely self. When it happened I had sleepless nights thinking hospital would phone to say it reoccurred or that she took a turn for the worse but thankfully she has gotten through this and even came to her sister's 80th birthday meal last Sunday and talked to everyone without feeling too self-conscious. Your Mum's stroke sounds similar so there is great hope for her and I feel for you and how you feel as it is still very fresh in my mind.
Keep strong for Mum.

Fri, 11/10/2017 - 8:28pm
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