Benefits of the award

Benefits of the award

Benefits of the award

In a highly competitive environment, this award will help to provide a recognisable achievement, to attract those seeking care for stroke survivors.

The benefits for you as a provider are:

  • Greater confidence: individuals and families have a greater confidence in your ability to care for stroke survivors and their individual needs
  • Recognisable achievement: The award will help to raise your profile, enabling you to improve your credibility in a competitive market
  • Commitment to professional development: you are committing to support your staff to achieve nationally recognised qualifications
  • Increased staff confidence: staff feel valued and are equipped with knowledge and skills required to provide care for stroke survivors and those with neurological conditions
  • Supporting the Care Act: information and evidence gathered will support the Care Act (2014), showing your commitment to providing person-centred care
  • Supporting CQC inspections: The award will highlight evidence of staff development and person centred care needed for CQC inspections
  • Stroke Association support: giving you information and training to help you improve care for your service users.

We have had feedback from those already undertaking the award, that the benefits are more reaching and have a great impact on the lives of those they care for.

On achievement of the award we will:

  • Provide a certificate with the level of award achieved
  • Offer the opportunity to purchase a wall plaque to promote the achievement
  • Promote each of the awarded care providers on our website
  • Provide links to the awarded care providers
  • Signpost stroke survivors and their families to these care providers
  • Provide a press release to forward to local press organisations
  • Provide an ongoing source of support for you and your staff in regards to the best practice advice on caring for stroke.

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