Nearly one in four adults in the UK are digitally excluded.

Who is the service for?

Our Digital Stroke Support service is available to stroke survivors, their family or friends who are digitally excluded to help them engage with My Stroke Guide and healthcare technology in general. This service will help digital novices to build motivation and confidence in using the internet.

The need for the service will be identified via multiple referral sources, including our Stroke Recovery Service.

Find out how clinical psychologist Camille and stroke support professional Harvinder have been supporting recovery and using My Stroke Guide with stroke survivors and carers.

What we offer through our service

Our Stroke Association Support Coordinators will carry out an assessment to determine whether the individual has the basic digital skills required to use the internet. Individuals will benefit from:

  • digital skills workshops
  • face to face set up and induction
  • help to create accounts
  • carer support.

Tailored support will also be available so that individuals can benefit from using the internet and setting up a My Stroke Guide account to benefit from the resources and support it brings.

Read our Digital Stroke Support Service leaflet for more information.

Find out more

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If you are a stroke survivor, family member, friend or carer who would like to know more about stroke or what support is available, please contact the Stroke Helpline.