Exercise can help reduce the risk of an individual having a second stroke, and helps survivors to overcome challenges they face following the physical impact of their stroke.

Read Lester's story to find out more about how he has benefitted from the Moving Forward After Stroke programme.

Who is the service for?

Our Moving Forward After Stroke programme is open to stroke survivors at any stage of their stroke journey. Clients must be referred by a health professional, such as their physiotherapist, GP, stroke specialist nurse or occupational therapist.

Carers and family members may also benefit from attending education sessions, especially if they share the same risk factors and want to make positive lifestyle changes.

What we offer through the service

The programme provides a 12-week programme of exercise and education sessions for stroke survivors to reduce their risk of secondary stroke and improve their levels of physical fitness and function.

The exercise sessions are delivered by a specialist exercise instructor at the leisure centre who has completed the Exercise and Fitness Training after Stroke (EfS) course, delivered by Later Life Training.

Download our leaflet to find out more about the Moving Forward After Stroke programme.

Piloting Moving Forward After Stroke

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the Moving Forward After Stroke Programme, which launched in July 2017, has been piloted in the following areas across the country:

  • Brighton (June 2017 - January 2020).
  • Folkestone (November 2017 - May 2020).
  • Forth Valley (January 2018 - November 2018).
  • Gateshead (December 2017 - April 2020).
  • Greater Manchester (October 2019 - April 2020).
  • Wandsworth (August 2017 - May 2019).

A recent evaluation of the programme demonstrates it has the capacity to alleviate the physical and emotional effects of stroke, and help those affected to rebuild their lives.

Download the evaluation

To find out more about the pilots, contact our Project Development team.

Find out more

To enquire about or commission our stroke support services, please contact us at services@stroke.org.uk

If you are a stroke survivor, family member, friend or carer who would like to know more about stroke or what support is available, please contact the Stroke Helpline.