Stroke is life-changing. Besides physical health, it affects a person’s emotional wellbeing, family and finances. For most survivors, recovery is not about going back to how they were before the stroke. People tell us that, for them, recovery means being supported to get on with their lives and achieve the best possible, individual, quality of life.

Our Stroke Recovery Service provides person-centred support commencing in the acute hospital setting and continuing in homes. We work closely with stroke survivors to understand what's important to them, and tailor a personalised stroke support plan to their changing needs to help them achieve the best possible outcomes.

*Our Stroke Recovery Services offer different levels of low, medium and high support depending on the number of people referred to the service. This video is reflective of a high support service.

Read Santokh's story to find out more about how he has benefitted from the Stroke Recovery Service.

What the Stroke Recovery Service provides

The Stroke Recovery Service makes sure that people affected by stroke have their needs placed at the centre of their recovery journey. Upon referral, we'll work alongside stroke survivors, their families and carers to develop and deliver a personalised stroke support plan. This is based on what they tell us is important to them, including secondary prevention, emotional needs, and their goals.

In the long term, regular reviews ensure support remains appropriate to each individual, and stroke survivors and carers can also access a wide variety of support groups and self-management tools. 

Through the Stroke Recovery Service, stroke survivors will receive:

  • A personalised stroke recovery plan to ensure the best possible recovery and achievement of personal goals.
  • Practical and emotional support for survivors, their carers and families.
  • Access to stroke-specific self-management tools and support.
  • Active listening and problem solving, including signposting to local services and support.
  • Representation and advocacy support.
  • Peer and social support.

Read our Stroke Recovery Service leaflet

The information you provided has reassured me so much. I understand what fatigue is now and how to cope. Thank you for helping me feel more confident and normal.
Stroke survivor

The value of our Stroke Recovery Service

An independent exploration study of the value and impact of our Stroke Recovery Service was carried out by Dr David Wright, Director of Merle Wright Consulting Limited, between July and September 2016.

The research addressed questions about how people experienced the service, what they value about it, what difference it makes, its contribution to recovery and what could be improved.

Download the full report

We have also recently released ‘our services impact’ report based on data collected and evidence gathered from our services to demonstrate the impact we make to quality of life following a stroke. Please view the services impact summary.

Find out more

To enquire about or commission our stroke support services, please contact us at

If you are a stroke survivor, family member, friend or carer who would like to know more about stroke or what support is available, please contact the Stroke Helpline.