The National Clinical Guideline for Stroke defines recommended best practices within stroke care.

A 2023 update was published at the start of April. In a first for the guideline, it now applies across the whole of the UK and will also be used in the Republic of Ireland.

This guideline provides much-needed updates to recommendations on rehabilitation, psychological and emotional support, and return to work services, amongst many other changes. An accessible version of the guideline is also available, outlining what patients should expect from their stroke services.

The Stroke Association co-funded the development of the new guideline and has been involved in the process of refreshing its recommendations. We've made sure that the stroke survivor perspective is represented.

Read the full guideline

Read the accessible patient version

I didn't receive the level of care advised within the guideline, what can I do?

The National Clinical Guideline outlines what good stroke care should look like. If you don't feel you've received the right standard of care, or feel that you have been treated unfairly, you can make a complaint.

I'm a healthcare professional, what does the guideline mean for me and my practice?

The guideline will provide you with recommendations and guidance to improve your clinical practice to enable better outcomes for stroke survivors. Watch our video to hear more from the Guideline Development Group.

I'm a healthcare professional, what does the guideline mean for me and my practice?

More information is available on the National Clinical Guideline for Stroke website.

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