Showcase your research results or service delivery innovations to over 1,400 stroke care professionals. 

You can submit an abstract for the opportunity to present either a 10-minute oral presentation or poster presentation at the 2019 UK Stroke Forum Conference on Tuesday 3 – 5 December 2019 at The International Centre, Telford.

Abstracts are welcomed from all aspects of stroke care, service delivery and clinical practice. All abstracts will be peer-reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team overseen by the UK Stroke Conference Committee to ensure consistency and objectivity.

The abstract submission deadline is 5pm, Wednesday 12 June 2019.

Submission types

There are four different submission types to choose from:

Type 1 - Completed Studies 

For use if results and conclusions are available at the time of submission.

Type 2 - Late-Breaking Clinical Trials or Other Well Designed Studies 

For use if it's unlikely that full analysis of the clinical trial or study results will be completed by the abstract submission deadline, but will be completed by the date of the conference.

Type 3 - Ongoing Clinical Trials or Other Studies

For use if trial or study is ongoing and will not be able to present results or conclusions by December 2019. These studies (if accepted) qualify for poster presentation only and are NOT to be included in the poster tour, also are NOT featured in the International Journal of Stroke but feature in the programme booklet.

Type 4 - Service Development (Brag and Steal) 

For use if research or service development is about innovative or original ideas being implemented in stroke practice. All submissions considered for oral presentation in a specific ‘Brag and Steal’ parallel session.

NB: Service development research that has yet to be implemented in practice should be submitted under Type 1 using the category ‘Service development (Research)’

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Abstract categories

There are currently 17 categories as follows:

  • Acute care.
  • Assistive technology.
  • Basic neuroscience.
  • Case-reports and interesting cases.
  • Cognitive, emotional and psychological.
  • Communication and aphasia.
  • Complications.
  • Diagnosis and imaging.
  • Health-economics, quality-improvement, service-development (research), education and training.
  • Primary Care
  • Primary Prevention and Risk Factors for Stroke, and Genetics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Secondary Prevention and TIA
  • Social and Community Care, and Service Development (Practice)
  • Swallowing and nutrition.
  • Vision and sensory.
  • Other (where previous categories are not relevant)

Submit an abstract

Important things to note

  • Authors submitting abstracts should select a category to submit their abstract under. 
  • The categories are listed in the online entry form.
  • Accepted authors will be required to register in full to attend and present their abstract orally or as a poster at the conference. 
  • Authors will be contacted at the end of August 2019. Only the stated lead author (presenting author) will receive emails about the acceptance and placement of the abstract and it's their responsibility to inform any co-authors.

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