Here are some tips and ideas of how you can ensure your colleagues and peers know what is happening in Liverpool on 28 - 30 November 2017.

Our toolkit is designed to help you communicate the key messages of the conference and is interactive so that you can access the item you need when you need it. We have also included guidelines on usage of the UKSF brand.

The toolkit is for anyone involved in UK Stroke Forum 2017 and we encourage you to use as many devices as you can to promote the conference to your colleagues and wider networks:

  • Coalition members
  • Programme committee members
  • UKSF steering committee members
  • UKSF speakers
  • Stroke Association offices and staff
  • University colleagues
  • Sponsor 
  • Journals.

You will find links below and example copy and layouts in the Promotional Toolkit PDF - use them together for best results.

How to get involved

Use the banner advert on your email signatures or website:

  • Simply click on the links below to download and save
  • Ensure the banner links to the UKSF website.

Share information about UKSF 2017 on your company’s website:

  • Embed the following link to the UKSF 2017 conference page UKSF link
  • Use some of our suggested copy (we have 25, 50 and 100-word suggestions which you will find on pages 8-9 of the toolkit).

Share a link to UKSF 2017 on your online professional and social platforms

  • Use our special UKSF icon tile and links (bottom of page 10 in the Promotional Toolkit).

Join the conversation and be active on the UKSF social media platforms

  • Include links to our LinkedIn (UK Stroke Forum) and Twitter (@UKStrokeForum #UKSF17) accounts and you can use our UKSF icon tile found at the bottom of page 9 in the Promotional Toolkit.
  • Re-tweet the UKSF tweets and see our suggested tweets and short URLs that link to relevant web copy (page 9 in Promotional Toolkit).

Include information in your organisation’s newsletters or mail-outs to members

  • Use the suggested website copy as a base and link to the UKSF web page so that people can see up-to-date information (see pages 7-9 in the Promotional Toolkit for suggested copy).

Encourage registration with Early Bird discounts - delegates can save 15% if booking by 31 August.

Promote UKSF 2017 in your lectures/speeches

  • Use the PowerPoint slide to promote UKSF 2017 - include in your upcoming presentations (see page 7 in the Promotional Toolkit for how this can look).

Promote training streams at UKSF 2017 

  • Download the primary care training stream postcard.
  • Download the Adult Social Workers, Assistant Social Workers and Senior Care Staff training stream postcard.

Toolkit materials

  • Banner advert – for email signatures and websites (JPG and PNG format)

           UKSF 2017 web banner 728 x 90 px png

           UKSF 2017 web banner 120 x 600 px jpeg

           UKSF 2017 web banner 300 x 250 px jpeg

  • Email signatures - sized perfectly to use on your emails

           Email signature 468x180jpg 

  • Electronic flyer – A5 flyer       

           A5 Flyer Early Bird Web  

           A5 Flyer Early Bird Print       

  • Logo (EPS, JPG x 4 of each)










  • Image bank (selection of photos - page 17 in the Promotional Toolkit)
  • UKSF brand guidelines (pages 12 - 15 in the Promotional Toolkit)
  • Short listing for websites (page 8 in the Promotional Toolkit)
  • Promotional copy for use in email shots/newsletters (pages 8-9 in the Promotional Toolkit)
  • Example tweets and short links to use (page 10 in the Promotional Toolkit).