In her Stroke Association Instagram takeover, Luna shared her tips and tricks for putting on make-up when your dominant hand is numb or immobile.
“Make-up is a staple part of my personality – I simply can’t go without it.  I remember trying to do my make-up for the first time in hospital and crying because it just wasn’t working. Unless I had my make-up on I didn’t feel like me. When you've recently had a stroke you don’t feel like yourself, and you have to work to become yourself again.”
Luna’s top tips:

1. In the beginning, I couldn’t hold an eyeliner pen or a brush. Putting them inside something like a foam tube makes them easier to hold. 

2. If you’re still struggling to hold brushes, just use your fingers!

3. Place tape where you want your eyeliner to end. Draw up to the tape, then when you take it away, the point will be ‘on-point’.

4. You’re not necessarily going to be able to do everything you used to, but practice makes perfect.

Watch Luna demonstrate these make-up tips and also follow her Q&A in her Instagram takeover story