Without hope, recovery can seem impossible and stroke survivors may find themselves unable to live their lives as fully as possible. We support people to find hope and rebuild their lives in ways that no one else can. There are now 1.3 million stroke survivors in the UK, and this number is growing. Our services have never been more stretched. That’s why we urgently need the support of our professional network to rebuild lives.

Share the Hope After Stroke resources from this toolkit across your own social media channels to help us raise awareness and vital funds. We'll also be sharing lots of content on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn, so please like, comment on, and share our posts so together we can reach all of our communities.

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Donate today so that @thestrokesssoc can reach more stroke survivors and give them the specialist support they need to find #HopeAfterStroke and move forward with their recovery. Visit stroke.org.uk/givehope  

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Every five minutes, stroke destroys lives. Recovery from a stroke can be a long and difficult process. The Stroke Association helps stroke survivors and their families to rebuild their lives in ways that no one else can. Their specialist support helps them find the hope they need to move forward. Learn more about their work at stroke.org.uk/givehope 

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