Rob and Syreeta were designers living in Hong Kong when Rob had a stroke. Rob remembers: “We were on holiday in Sydney for the first time, which was beautiful. We went to sleep and then bang – I can’t remember.”

Syreeta explains how the Stroke Association supported her and Rob

“There was a lot of Googling, and I felt very lost and unsure. That’s where the Stroke Association website came into its own and I started devouring all the guides and thinking about the future, seeing that there was support out there. 

“I called the Stroke Helpline. I was in very deep stages of grief at that point and just to have someone to listen who understood the complexities of what had happened was golden. 

“Simon is the Stroke Association Support Coordinator in our area. He’s made us feel like we are loved and welcome. He checks in if he’s in the area and he invites us to support groups, which have now gone online. Knowing that support is there and the expert knowledge of our circumstances is a security net for us.

"We wouldn’t have the understanding and be able to navigate the world without the Stroke Association’s help."

Stroke destroys lives. And it’s impossible to rebuild your life without a glimmer of hope. Please donate today, support someone on their journey of recovery, and help them find hope after stroke.