Now, more than ever, we need to work together in order to face the impact of coronavirus. If you feel you can, a donation can help give every stroke survivor the support they desperately need to make it through this very difficult time. Please donate today.

Save research. Rebuild lives.

“I’m one of a million reasons why stroke research is worth saving.”

Ronnie's story
"Research into new stroke treatments has been a lifesaver. Without research, it would have been a completely different outcome."
Ruth's story
"When I got home from hospital, my mental health started going rapidly downhill. I didn't have a clue that the stroke was causing it."
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May is Stroke Awareness Month. Use our social media toolkit to help spread the word that stroke research needs saving.
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'Amazing Brains: The remote revolution’ is a virtual event to celebrate progress and innovation in the latest stroke research.
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Eva Park could be a lifeline to stroke survivors with communication problems.
Taking speech therapy research online
Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, stroke researchers like Lucy have been finding new ways to help people rebuild their lives.