Rebuilding lives starts with funding pioneering research.

We urgently need more research into bleeding in the brain - haemorrhagic stroke - which causes 1 in 10 strokes. Dr Adrian Parry-Jones is a stroke doctor and researcher. The good news is that researchers funded by the Stroke Association are testing a promising new emergency treatment for haemorrhagic stroke.

Dr Parry-Jones says, "the treatment we're ready to trial is an anti-inflammatory drug. We're hoping it can reduce swelling in the critical hours after stroke caused by a brain haemorrhage, meaning more people will survive."

Watch the video below to hear about Dr Parry-Jones' research and how it helps stroke survivors like Ann.

Thanks to supporters like you, we can continue funding life-saving stroke research. Not only could we help more people survive, but we could also reduce the impact of stroke and give survivors like Ann a better chance of rebuilding their lives.

Ann's story

The day I had my stroke I was at the dentist. I remember feeling like my head had exploded. It turned out the 'explosion' was a bleed in my brain.

Dr Parry-Jones was one of the amazing team of doctors, nurses and therapists who treated me in hospital, I felt very safe in his care. He helped me understand what was happening to me, which was so reassuring.

I know that I'm very lucky to have survived a bleed on the brain, but I cannot begin to describe the long, hard slog of trying to rebuild your life following a stroke. Nine years on, I still can't always think and speak in a logical way. The thing that gave me back a sense of purpose was helping researchers who are funded by the wonderful Stroke Association.

By funding more projects like Dr Parry-Jones', you can help to save lives and give more people like me the chance to rebuild our lives, however long it takes. It's only through research that we'll be able to stop stroke impacting lives.