Scientific title:
A randomised controlled trial to test the feasibility of delivering a post-stroke fatigue management programme.
University of Nottingham
Principal investigator:
Professor Avril Drummond
Grant value:
Research ID:
TSA PGF 2016-01
Research area:
Start date:
Saturday 1 October 2016
End date:
Friday 27 October 2017
3 years 3 months
Year awarded:

Postgraduate Fellow

Miss Louise Hawkins, University of Nottingham

Description of research

Post-stroke fatigue (PSF) has been identified as a major unmet need by stroke survivors. Although the problem is recognised, it is not clear how best PSF can be managed.

The causes of PSF are not clearly understood, but there may be some contributing factors that, if changed, could lead to better management of the problem and improve the quality of life of stroke survivors. 

The aim of the study is to develop a fatigue management programme to improve stroke survivors' knowledge of fatigue and to identify ways of managing it. The programme will be based around a fatigue management handbook and delivered by a clinician over five tailored face-to-face sessions. It will aim to develop skills and raise confidence in managing fatigue. 

The handbook will be developed using information about the management of fatigue across a range of medical conditions, and with input from stroke survivors, clinicians and academics. 

People who are living at home and have PSF will be asked to consent to take part in the study, which will investigate whether the programme can be delivered successfully in a home setting. Participants will be asked their views about the programme and to highlight practical problems and suggestions for improvements. 

Although this study will not be large enough to show whether the programme is effective and improves people’s quality of life, the information collected can be used to design a larger study to help people manage their fatigue in the long term.