Scientific title:
Functional, cognitive and emotional outcomes after Transient Ischemic Attack: A prospective, controlled cohort study to inform future rehabilitative interventions
University of Birmingham
Principal investigator:
Professor Catherine Sackley
Grant value:
Research ID:
TSA 2011/09
Research area:
Start date:
Sunday 8 January 2012
End date:
Saturday 9 January 2016
49 months
Year awarded:

Small scale studies and interviews with survivors have indicated that people experience lasting problems following a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA). These seem to be related to feeling depressed or anxious, tired and may involve the loss of mental processing skills such as memory. Some people have reported problems returning to work.

We will identify 1,200 people from a broad social and ethnic background as they attend the TIA clinic. We will ask them to complete questionnaires and formal assessments of these aspects soon after their event and over the next year. We expect people with TIA, minor stroke and some who do not have either will be recruited at the clinic. In addition, we will select “healthy controls” matched for age, gender and post-code and follow them across the same time period with the same assessments.