Research can help us find new ways to:

  • Stop strokes from happening.
  • Treat strokes.
  • Support stroke survivors and their families to rebuild their lives.

By taking part in research, you can help us to learn more about stroke and make a difference in the lives of future stroke survivors.

Find out about how our research has made a difference in the lives of people affected by stroke.

I want to know more about what taking part in research is like

Taking part in a research study can involve anything from filling in a questionnaire at home to testing a new treatment in a hospital. Every study is different. If you want to take part in a research project, you should speak to the research team leading it for more information.

Working with the NIHR Clinical Research Network, we have produced this booklet to answer some of the questions you might have about taking part in research studies.

We have also produced a version for people with aphasia, for people that have trouble understanding written text.

Where can I find opportunities to take part in research studies?

The Be Part of Research website lists studies that are looking for people to take part. You can search by condition and by location.

The website also has lots of information about taking part in research. This can help you to make an informed decision about taking part.

I want to volunteer to take part in Stroke Association research

We fund stroke research across the UK. The research takes place at Universities, in hospitals and in other healthcare settings. Some of this research is clinical research, where stroke patients, and their close relations or friends, and healthcare professionals can take part. They may receive a treatment and/or be interviewed by researchers as part of their project.

We don’t carry out clinical research ourselves, we fund researchers around the UK for research projects into stroke. Each project recruits its own participants which means we can’t help you to get involved in a specific study.

Find out about the research projects we're funding.

Visit the Be Part of Research website to find opportunities to take part in stroke research.

I'm a researcher and I want to recruit people affected by stroke to my study

If you're a researcher and would like to recruit people affected by stroke to your study or trial via the Stroke Association, please email