We plan to work with other organisations and charities to increase the amount of money dedicated to stroke research, and raise awareness of research stroke and the difference it can make.

Our charity's purpose is to be the voice of people affected by stroke. We will also work with stroke survivors, their family members and people close to them to make decisions on our research funding priorities, and help stroke researchers involve people affected by stroke in their research.

You can find out more about getting involved in our research and about our project setting priorities for the future of stroke research.

Research funding decisions at the Stroke Association are guided by those who have been personally affected by stroke. This means we can focus our research on areas that really matter to survivors and their families and carers.

Marion Walker, Professor in Stroke Rehabilitation and occupational therapist, University of Nottingham

A partnership to develop new technologies in stroke treatment and care

We've partnered with MedCity, an organisation that promotes life sciences investment, entrepreneurship and industry. We're funding projects so that researchers and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can work together to improve technologies for stroke treatment and care.

New technologies have enormous potential in stroke care and rehabilitation. Many of the projects we hope to fund focus on digital treatments that can give people affected by stroke new tools for rehabilitation that don't need constant, face-to-face guidance from a therapist. In the years to come, it's these types of tools that can be critical for more stroke survivor to receive the support and treatment they need to make the best recovery possible.

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