University of Glasgow
Principal Investigator
Professor Peter Langhorne
Grant value
Research ID
TSA 2011/04
Scientific title
INTERSTROKE –UK Importance of conventional and emerging risk factors for stroke in different regions of the world and in different ethnic groups: A case-control study
Date published
Tuesday, 1 November, 2011

We know that the chance of getting a stroke is related to risk factors such as eating habits, level of exercise, exposure to tobacco smoke, blood pressure and diabetes.  Many genes and infections may also be linked to stroke and it is expected that many more will be discovered in the future. 

INTERSTROKE is a large, international study that aims to include 12000 participants who have had a stroke and 12000 matching “controls”- volunteers of the same age and sex who have not had a stroke. The purpose of INTERSTROKE is to learn the role of different risk factors and genes for stroke in different types of stroke, in various parts of the world.  INTERSTROKE-UK aims to ensure that the UK is an active partner in this study.

The results of INTERSTROKE may help show if strokes can be prevented or the severity reduced by changing different risk factors and whether the same risk factors are important in different parts of the world.

An initial study involving 6000 participants has demonstrated the feasibility of this research. We have successfully recruited over 100 participants from West Scotland.

Start date

1 November 2011


27 months