Our Key Performance Indicators

We are committed to providing customer service excellence. We will be polite in our dealings with you, answer your call within five rings and provide an answer to your query within five days.

Each year we collect information about how we are performing. These key performance indicators (KPIs) enable us to monitor how we are doing as a department, and make changes where necessary.

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Applicant Survey

The research department's applicant survey collects valuable data and feedback regarding our research project grant application process. This allows us to address any issues raised and make changes in the application and adjudication process as necessary.

The first applicant survey was carried out by the research department following our November 2008 project grant adjudication. We now issue the survey following each round of our project grants and priority prgramme awards.

Asking the opinions and feedback of our applicants will help the research directorate improve its customer service.

Our target for customer satisfaction is 85 per cent (excellent or good based on the 'How do you rate the service provided by the Research Department?' question).

Of the 26 applicants that responded to the survey (out of 36 applicants) 96 per cent of respondents rated our department as excellent or good following the July 2015 adjudication round.

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