Our 5 year research strategy demonstrates where our vision lies and how we aim to get there.

20 years of investing in vital stroke research

Since 1991, the Stroke Association has spent more than £55 million supporting vital stroke research. This research has had a real impact on our understanding of stroke, on the way stroke is treated in the UK, and ultimately on rebuilding the lives of those affected by stroke.

In our report 'Saving lives - 20 years of investing in vital stroke research', we highlight the difference that our research has made to the lives of people affected by stroke including real-life case studies from stroke survivors, family members and researchers.

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What impact has Stroke Association funding had on stroke research?

"The Stroke Association - as our only dedicated stroke charity - is absolutely vital to the success of stroke research in the UK."
Dr David Werring, Institute of Neurology, University College London.

"The Stroke Association has created an enormous impact on the field of stroke research worldwide"
Professor Ann Ashburn, University of Southampton.

"The research funded by The Stroke Association has improved stroke rehabilitation immeasurably and consequently patient care has improved as a result"
Professor Marion Walker, University of Nottingham.