University of Glasgow
Scientific title
Alteplase-Tenecteplase Trial Evaluation for Stroke Thrombolysis – pilot phase (ATTEST)
Principal Investigator
Professor Keith Muir
Year awarded
Grant value
Research ID
TSA 2010/04
Research area
Start date
Monday 1 August 2011
End date
Friday 1 August 2014
3 years

Thrombolysis (‘clot-busting’) is a drug treatment for stroke that significantly improves the chances of recovery if given early in people with strokes when caused by a blockage in a blood vessel (ischaemic stroke).

This study will compare tenecteplase, a newer clot-busting drug, with alteplase, which is currently the routine treatment used in hospitals. It is thought that Tenecteplase may be better than alteplase as it is easier to use and is more specific when acting on recent clots. The trial will use modern brain scanning techniques to look at blood flow in the brain and major vessels to determine the effectiveness of tenecteplase.

If tenecteplase is more effective than alteplase, patients suitable for thrombolytic treatment can benefit from improved recovery. Also, if trial methodology is effective, this offers a quicker and easier way of testing new treatments in the future.