Upcoming events

We organise and participate in a range of events throughout the year that are aimed at the stroke research community.

Here's a list of upcoming events:

14th UK Stroke Forum Conference

Tuesday 3 - Thursday 5 December, 2019
International Centre, Telford

This year is the 14th UK Stroke Forum Conference. The UK Stroke Forum is a ‘must-attend’ conference for any stroke care professional, giving you the opportunity to hear the latest developments in service delivery, engage with key players to influence the future of stroke care, and learn from experts in the field.

Joint European Stroke Organisation (ESO) and World Stroke Organisation (WSO) Conference

Tuesday 12 - Friday 15 May, 2020
Vienna, Austria

The ESO-WSO conference promises to attract acclaimed experts in stroke from around the world. The conference will showcase a cutting-edge educational and scientific experience, focusing on the latest developments in stroke prevention, acute management and restorative care after stroke. Join the ESO-WSO conference for four days of debates, discussions and collaborations in the exciting city of Vienna, Austria.

Previous events

Our annual research events

Our annual research events are prestigious events which showcase some of the latest advancements being made in stroke research.

Our knowledge brokerage events

Our round-table meetings bring key stakeholders to a shared view on topical research themes. Our priority-setting workshops helped shape our three priority areas of stroke research for 2014-19.