Our annual research events

Our annual research events showcase cutting-edge stroke research.

You can find out about the events below and watch a video of talks by leading stroke researchers.

You can find out more about the difference our funding for stroke research has made on our research success webpages.

Our webinar events

Our webinars tell you about our charity's funding for stroke research, including hearing from researchers themselves.

Wednesday 20 January 2021 - Stroke Research: Hope for the future (including talks from Stroke Association funded Dr Cherry Kilbride, Brunel University London and Guillem Singla Buxarrais, Neurofenix, Dr Grant Mair, University of Edinburgh)

Wednesday 16 September 2020 - Amazing Brains: The race against time in emergency stroke care, UK Stroke Assembly 2020(link is external) (including talks from Stroke Association funded researcher Dr Graham McClelland, stroke survivor Elizabeth Kay and Stoke Association Research Director Dr Rubina Ahmed).

Wednesday 01 July 2020 - Vision loss after stroke, UK Stroke Assembly 2020(link is external) (including a talk from Stroke Association funded researcher Helen Morse. Helen is looking at whether a new computer programme can test and treat vision loss after stroke.

Our knowledge brokerage events

Our events bring together the many groups of people that are involved in and impacted by stroke research to share knowledge and discuss research to tackle issues in health and social care policy, and practice and improve stroke care. This includes researchers and research organisations including funders, as well as people affected by stroke, clinicians and decision-makers including commissioners and policymakers.

Action on stroke research priorities

Our charity, in partnership with KTN(link is external), held the 'Action on stroke research priorities' event. The event invited industry, academia, clinicians, funding and supporting organisations with expertise in stroke research, innovation and care to share their knowledge and develop new collaborations and partnerships to address evidence uncertainties established in the Stroke Priority Setting Partnership.

You can read about the talks and workshops at the event in this report.

Quote from workshop participant Professor Johannes Boltze, Univ of Warwick. Quote reads "The event strengthen ties across the UK stroke community. It is by sharing of knowledge and collaborations...that research and innovation can most quickly and effectively make a difference."

Priority Programme Award Workshops

You can read about the round-table meetings we organised, 'Discussing the Real Impact of TIA' and on vascular dementia and stroke.

These workshops helped shape our Priority Programme Awards under our Research Strategy (2014 - 2019) that focused on research to improve treatment and care for haemorrhagic stroke, psychological consequences of stroke and vascular dementia. You can find out about the research awards on these themes.

For updates on further networking, collaboration and funding opportunities please email research@stroke.org.uk to sign up to the Stroke Association's research community mailing list.