2015 Keynote Lecture: Wither the brain after stroke - acute treatment and prevention.

The Stroke Association's Keynote Lecture is a prestigious event which showcases the latest advancements being made in stroke research.

Professor Philip Bath, Stroke Association Professor of Stroke Medicine, and Chair and Head of the Division of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Nottingham, delivered the Keynote Lecture in 2015 at Lancaster House.

Professor Bath discussed the background, delivery and interpretation of trial data from three stroke research areas involving: lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and blood thinning.

Highlights from the Keynote Lecture are available to watch on YouTube:

Lectureship Award Winners 2015

Following the Keynote Lecture, the Stroke Association proudly presented the first five awarded positions to our new Lectureship Programme. The Lectureship Programme is funded largely through the Princess Margaret Fund for Stroke Research, and entirely through the generosity of our supporters.

Our ambition is to create the next generation of stroke research leaders, so over the next few years, we will fund 15 Stroke Association Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, and Reader positions. These positions will play a critical role in building a vibrant community of clinical and non-clinical stroke researchers across the UK.

Professor Sir Mark Walport, Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA) and Head of the Government Office for Science presented the awards on behalf of the Stroke Association.

Lady Estelle Wolfson joined Sir Mark on stage to present certificates to each recipient on behalf of the funders of the awards. The Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation have generously funded our Non-Clinical Lecturer Award post.

Awards and Winners

We are delighted to announce the following award winners. Please click on the links for photography and more detailed descriptions.

Awardee: Dr Audrey Bowen, University of Manchester

Awardee: Dr Nele Demeyere, University of Oxford

Awardee: Dr Phil Clatworthy, University of Bristol

Awardee: Dr Fergus Doubal, University of Edinburgh

Awardee: Dr Terence Quinn, University of Glasgow

Princess Margaret Fund for Stroke Research

The Princess Margaret Fund for Stroke Research provides a unique opportunity for philanthropists who care about stroke to invest in areas of stroke research that have the greatest potential to change our understanding of this disease and develop new life-saving treatments.

As well as funding our new Lectureship Programme, donations given through the Princess Margaret Fund for Stroke Research will also fund our ambitious Priority Programme Awards, in areas such as Haemorrhagic Stroke, the Psychological Consequences of Stroke, and Vascular Dementia and Stroke.

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