After completion of a research project with us, the holders of the project grant must complete a final report on the research conducted.

The 'Final Report Summary' publications are a summary of each final report submitted, and are written in plain English.

Targeted arm & hand training at home: Reach-to-grasp

TSA 2009-01

University of the West of England

Can recovery curves' improve quality of hospital care & recovery?

TSA 2009-02

King's College London

Early, clot-busting stroke treatment: is a newer drug more effective than the drug currently used?

TSA 2010-04

University of Glasgow

Targeted aiming practice and brain stimulation in upper arm recovery

TSA 2010-06

University College London

Predicting those most at risk of stroke from a burst blood vessel in the brain

TSA 2012-03

University College London

A Very Early Rehabilitation Trial (AVERT)

TSA 2009-09

University of Glasgow

An international study of risk factors for stroke

TSA 2011-04

University of Glasgow

Do naturally produced new brain cells help repair stroke damage?

TSA 2009-04

King's College London

Can mechanical clot retrieval improve outcomes after stroke?

TSA 2011-06

University of Glasgow

Can rehabilitation help with visual field loss after stroke?

TSA 2010-02

University of Liverpool

Can we identify the genes that cause disease of small vessels in the brain?

TSA 2008-09

University of Cambridge

Repeated practice of everyday tasks to improve arm and hand recovery

TSA 2010-05

Newcastle University

Does fluoxetine improve recovery after stroke?

TSA 2011-01

University of Edinburgh

Can a group communication therapy programme help those with dysarthria & their carers?

TSA 2009-07

University of Strathclyde

Can a screening tool effectively diagnose anxiety in older stroke survivors?

TSA 2010-07

University of Sussex

Detecting cognitive problems in patients with small vessel disease

TSA 2010-08

University of Cambridge

Can using a virtual world help people with aphasia?

TSA 2011-10

City, University of London

Can brain stimulation help with re-learning movement after stroke?

TSA 2013-09

King's College London

Can distraction improve community walking after stroke?

TSA 2011-07

Oxford Brookes University

Are chickenpox and shingles risk factors for stroke?

TSA 2011-05

London School of Medicine & Tropical Hygiene

Can listening to an out of step beat help walking after stroke?

TSA 2009-06

University of Birmingham

Can genetics explain why disease of the small vessels in the brain happen?

TSA 2013-01

University of Cambridge

Can lowering blood pressure and cholesterol after stroke prevent cognitive decline?

TSA 2009-08

University of Nottingham

Can a lower dose of clot-busting drug improve outcomes after stroke?

TSA 2012-01

University of Leicester

What are the important factors associated with fatigue after stroke?

TSA 2012-04

University of Nottingham

What are the hidden impacts of transient ischaemic attack?

TSA 2011-09

King's College London

Can Botox improve use of the arm and hand after stroke?

TSA 2008-01

University College London

Can an anti-inflammatory drug reduce damaging inflammation after ischaemic stroke?

TSA 2012-08

University of Manchester