University College London (UCL)
Principal Investigator
Professor Eric Brunner
Year awarded
Grant value
Research ID
TSA 2008/05
Research area
Start date
Sunday 1 March 2009
End date
Friday 1 June 2012
51 months

Depression is known to increase the risk of heart disease and some studies have suggested it may also increase the risk of stroke.

It is estimated that 33% of stroke survivors suffer depression, although little is known about who is most at risk and how it affects their recovery and quality of life.

Furthermore, few studies have investigated how depression affects stroke survivors from their own perspective or whether they are receiving the most appropriate help.

This study will investigate

  1. whether having depression increases the risk of stroke;
  2. how post-stroke depression affects a person’s on-going health, recovery and quality of life, and
  3. the type and quality of care that is provided to people with post-stroke depression.

Understanding the links between depression and increased risk of stroke may help to reduce the risk of first time stroke.

Furthermore, identifying those at risk of post stroke depression and what happens to them over time will provide useful information for healthcare providers to better manage the condition.