University of Birmingham
Scientific title
Proprioceptive training in the neurorehabilitation of hand motor function in stroke
Principal Investigator
Professor Alan Wing
Grant value
Research ID
TSA 2009/06

For many stroke survivors, walking speed is reduced after stroke which interferes with everyday activities. In addition, stroke survivors will often have a less symmetrical walking pattern. In past research, the use of a metronome (a device that indicates the exact tempo of a piece of music) has shown to help walking in stroke patients.

This research will involve a series of three studies designed to investigate the use of auditory cues in the rehabilitation of walking in stroke survivors who have weakness in one side of the body. The final part of this study will involve designing and testing a home-based exercise programme, using a variable metronome, as a rehabilitation tool for functional walking.

Start date

1 April 2010


53 months