Scientific title:
Visual scanning training interventions for people with visual field loss after stroke: exploration and feasibility testing
Glasgow Caledonian University
Principal investigator:
Dr Alex Pollock (supervisor)
Grant value:
Research ID:
TSA JRTF 2011/02
Research area:
Start date:
Thursday 10 March 2011
End date:
Wednesday 4 March 2015
42 months
Year awarded:

Christine Hazelton

After stroke up to 60% of survivors will lose the ability to see a section of the visual scene in front of them. This can affect many aspects of life, including driving, reading, getting out and about safely and rehabilitation for other stroke problems. Training a person to scan their eyes more efficiently into this lost visual area can be helpful.

I plan to investigate various scanning training techniques and devices that are currently available in order to determine the main similarities and differences between them. I will then test these scanning training techniques with people with visual problems after stroke.  I will measure the effect they have on vision, ability to perform daily activities and quality of life.  I will also interview these stroke survivors to find out the main difficulties caused by their visual loss and their thoughts on the impact of scanning training they have tried.

I believe the information gathered will help me to plan and design a future, larger, study to determine the best scanning training for stroke patients with this visual problem.