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Thrombectomy is a game-changing treatment for stroke. Treatment rates are increasing, but not quickly enough. Ask your MP to take action.

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Our 2023 Saving Brains: one year on report

One year on from Saving Brains, thrombectomy treatment rates are gradually improving but are still only 3.3%, rather than the 10% needed. 6,903 stroke patients missed out on treatment last year alone. Read about what’s improving and what needs to happen next.

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What is thrombectomy?

Thrombectomy is a very time-sensitive treatment. It must happen as soon as possible after a stroke, and is most effective in the first few hours.
Dr Sanjeev Nayak performing a thrombectomy

Meet the expert

Dr Nayak set up the first 24/7 thrombectomy service in the UK and wants to see this life-changing procedure available to everyone who needs it.
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Thrombectomy in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Explore thrombectomy across the UK and see how together we can make it available to everyone who needs it.

Our 2022 Saving Brains report

Find out why we must urgently secure access to a 24/7 thrombectomy service for every stroke patient who needs it. Read our 2022 Saving Brains report (PDF).

Executive summary: 2022 Saving Brains report

You can read our 2022 summary and recommendations to the UK Government and local system leaders here in our Saving Brains executive summary.