Saving Brains 

Thrombectomy saves brains, saves money and changes lives, so why do so many stroke patients miss out? If you agree that Saving Brains is vital, support our campaign.

The difference
The majority of people who could have a thrombectomy miss out completely because of where they live or when they have their stroke.

Our executive summary

You can read our summary and recommendations to the UK Government and local system leaders here in our Saving Brains executive summary.

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Meet the expert
Dr Nayak set up the first 24/7 thrombectomy service in the UK and wants to see this life-changing procedure available to everyone who needs it.
What is thrombectomy?
Thrombectomy is a very time-sensitive treatment. It must happen as soon as possible after a stroke, and is most effective in the first few hours.
Thrombectomy in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Explore thrombectomy across the UK and see how together we can make it available to everyone who needs it.