Staying in touch with loved ones in hospitals and care homes
Type: News
Many UK hospitals and care homes have stopped or limited visits to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Here's some information to help you to stay in touch with loved ones if visiting isn’t possible.
Moving to a care home after stroke
Type: Support
On this page, you can find information and advice on how to find the right care home and how to pay for your accommodation.
Finding new and improved treatments for stroke
Type: Research
The Stroke Association has funded research into treatments that have improved care for stroke patients in hospital, giving them the best chance of rebuilding their life after stroke.
A feasibility study for a randomised controlled trial of transcutaneous posterior tibial nerve stimulation to alleviate stroke-related urinary incontinence
Can electrical stimulation of the leg alleviate bladder problems caused by stroke?
Equipment for independent living
Find information on the types of equipment and technology you can use to help with daily life after a stroke.