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Communication support coordinator blog
Ref: V211 | Service Group Supporter | Southport and Formby
Type: Volunteer
We’re looking for two service group supporters (peer support and communication support).
Download your communication support pack
Type: Support
Download your communication support pack to help you, your family and friends to learn about communication difficulties after a stroke.
Communication problems
This page explains why many people have communication problems after a stroke, what kinds of problems they may have and how speech and language therapy can help.
Communication tools for your patients
Accessible information and communication tools which can help your patients communicate with confidence in hospital, at home and in the community.
Aphasia and its effects
Information about aphasia and communication problems.
Aphasia Awareness Month 2023
Type: Campaigns
Aphasia Awareness Month 2023 takes place in June. Discover ways to get involved, and join us in raising awareness of aphasia and its effects.
Communication Support
Around a third of stroke survivors suffer from aphasia, a language disorder which can affect speech, comprehension and reading and writing skills. The Stroke Association has the skills and experience to help people with these communication disabilities.
12 Days of Christmas
Type: News
This Christmas, we’re celebrating some of the ways our stroke groups across the UK are helping stroke survivors with their recovery and empowering them to believe “I am more than my stroke”.
When the Words Away Went
Stroke documentary: When the Words Away Went. A group of stroke survivors with aphasia embark on a journey to find their voice and rebuild their lives.