Useful tips for you and your family
Childhood stroke can have an effect on the whole family. Parents often feel a range of emotions from shock and bewilderment to feelings of isolation and frustration. On this page, we offer a list of useful tips that will help you to cope with the effects of stroke on you and your family.
Stroke Stories podcast
Type: Support
Stroke Stories is DJ Mark Goodier's podcast, dedicated to giving a voice to survivors of stroke, as well as their friends and family.
Stephen's story
Stephen started running again after his partner, Justine, died from a stroke at just 46 years old. He formed #TeamJustine with his family, friends and neighbours, and decided to take on challenges in her memory.
Download stroke information packs
Our stroke information packs will help you, your family, carers and friends to understand what a stroke is and what to expect as you start to rebuild your life after a stroke. Download yours for free today.
High profile supporters
We're proud to have a brilliant array of high profile supporters who go the extra mile to raise awareness of our work and help us support and campaign for stroke survivors.Whether it’s taking part in a fundraising run, meeting the people we support, or giving time for media interviews, we would like to thank everyone for being such an important part of our family.
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After Dad’s stroke
Type: News
Stroke has a huge impact on family and friends too. Sophie and Jem share their experiences.
Young Stroke Ambassadors
Ethan Hoyle, 18 from London, was a toddler when his stroke changed the lives of his whole family in an instant.
Research Participants Needed: Male experiences as a family member of a person in a prolonged disorder of consciousness.
Type: Research
A researcher at Staffordshire University is seeking male family members/close friends of individuals who have experienced a Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness (PDoC) in the UK, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of this experience and enhance the support available.
Getting online for people with aphasia
Type: Support
This guide is for people with aphasia. This guide is also for your family and friends. It has information about getting online and using technology.
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Dawn's story
Type: Support
Dawn Minker, from Sandown, Isle of Wight, had a stroke when she was a baby. The stroke partially paralysed her tongue, causing speech and language difficulties. But thinking she wouldn’t understand, her family decided not to tell her.