Thank you, Sylvia
Type: News
Sylvia’s gift has helped fund our work to rebuild lives. She’s supported research to prevent and treat stroke, and she’s helped care for survivors.
Alaire's Here For You story
Type: Support
Alaire volunteers for our Here For You telephone support service to help stroke survivors and carers stay connected and help combat feelings of isolation.
Emotional and behavioural changes after childhood stroke
Stroke can lead to emotional and behavioural difficulties, which you might notice at home or in childcare or education. There is plenty you can do to help, whatever stage your child is at.
Hallucinations and delusions
A stroke can sometimes lead to hallucinations or delusions. On this page we explain the causes of hallucination and delusion after stroke, what to do when someone is unwell and where to get help.
Thank you for volunteering
Type: Volunteer
Thank you very much for signing up to help. Now, more than ever, stroke survivors need the support of volunteers like yourself.
Caring for a stroke survivor
When someone close to you has had a stroke, they may need help and support after they return home from hospital. Find out the different ways you can support a stroke survivor, and what help and support is available for carers.
Physiotherapy after a stroke
Physiotherapy can help you get back as much movement as possible after a stroke. It can help you re-learn to use your arms and hands, and regain movement and strength in your legs to improve movement and balance.
Fundraising in Dad’s memory
When Elizabeth’s dad had a stroke when she was 11, she helped her mum to care for him. Hear how her experiences have inspired Elizabeth to help others affected by stroke.
Vision after childhood stroke
Stroke may affect a child or young person’s vision in a number of ways. In many children vision does improve over time, but even where a child’s vision does not fully recover, there is a lot that can be done to help.
Gift Aid Information
Will you help even more people affected by stroke with a simple tick for Gift Aid? You could help fund pioneering research and vital support services.