About stroke
Learn about what a stroke is, what causes a stroke, and what happens next when you have a stroke.
Understanding your stroke - a child's guide
Our childhood stroke handbook and video series explains in simple language what a stroke is, why it happens and what problems it can cause.
What is involvement?
Find out what involvement is at the Stroke Association, what activities you can do when you take part in lived experience involvement, and how to sign up to hear about regular opportunities.
Scotland’s new vision for stroke is excellent – but now we need to deliver it
Type: Campaigns
The Scottish Government has published a vision document that sets out a vision of what progressive stroke care in Scotland should look like. We are encouraged at what is included and look forward to working together to make sure this translates into real change on the ground.
Download stroke information packs
Our stroke information packs will help you, your family, carers and friends to understand what a stroke is and what to expect as you start to rebuild your life after a stroke. Download yours for free today.
Post-Stroke Review
A Post-Stroke Review identifies the unmet needs of stroke survivors and their carers, which our coordinators then address. They also carry out checks to highlight unidentified high blood pressure or Atrial Fibrillation.
Fatigue and tiredness
Find out why you may experience severe tiredness (known as fatigue) after a stroke and what can be done to help you manage it.
What is a stroke?
Learn about different types of stroke and what happens when you have a stroke.
World Stroke Day
We’re raising awareness that stroke can affect anyone, of any age, and inspiring recovery to rebuild lives after stroke.
Ischaemic stroke
An ischaemic stroke happens when a blood clot, or other blockage, cuts off the blood supply to your brain. This is the most common type of stroke.