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We have continued to monitor the Covid-19 situation and our events, and have decided to run the 2021 conference online again. Find out more about this year's virtual Stroke Group Network Conference.

Due to the government guidelines in 2020, we were not able to run a face-to-face conference. However, we did host our first online UK Stroke Club Conference, bringing over 550 club and group leaders, volunteers and staff together. This was run as a series of information-giving webinars on 28-30 September 2020. Find out more about UK Stroke Club Conference 2020.

We're delighted to announce that our annual UK Stroke Club Conference is back and is being renamed the Stroke Group Network Conference. This will be held as an online event on Friday 12 – Saturday 13 November 2021. Find out more about the Stroke Group Network Conference 2021.

We're in the early stages of planning The Stroke Group Network Conference 2021 (formerly called the UK Stroke Club Conference), which will run as a series of information webinars from Friday 12 to Saturday 13 November 2021.

You'll be able to hear updates from our charity, information about getting back to face-to-face group activities and more about the Stroke Group Network.

See the provisional programme

You can sign up to the event by filling in the Stroke Group Network Conference 2021 online form.

Invites will also be emailed to all the main and secondary contacts and volunteers of our Stroke Association Voluntary Groups and Affiliated Clubs over the next couple of weeks. So do save the date and watch out for more details here very soon!

The 2021 online event will be free to attend.

The Stroke Group Network Conference 2021 (formerly called the UK Stroke Club Conference) is for those involved in leading and running stroke support groups cross the UK. Normally, attendance at the face-to-face event is limited by venue capacity. But in 2020, we ran the event online, allowing more people to attend. The 2021 event is open to anyone involved in running or volunteers of Stroke Association Voluntary Groups and Affiliated Clubs

In the past, some clubs and groups may not have attended the face-to-face conference due to limited availability of places, distance, own reasons or just not knowing what to expect. Attending the event online is a chance to see what its was like from the comfort of your own home. The sessions are information-giving with the option to ask questions or make comments in a chat facility. Attendees will not be heard or seen by others.

Find out more and watch the videos from the 2020 UK Stroke Club Conference event.

We know that attending an online event might not be something you're used to. That's why we've produced a step-by-step guide to help you get online.

Step-by-step guide

The online webinars will be hosted on a platform called Fundraising Everywhere.

You will need access to the internet to attend the Stroke Group Network Conference. Once you have registered for a place, you will be sent the login details to join the online event.

If you need help in getting online or with technology, please contact our technical partners Ability Net.

  • Call 0800 048 7642 during UK office hours.
  • Email

There is also a useful guide called 'getting online for people with aphasia'. This has been designed for people with communication difficulties, including aphasia but has some useful tips for anyone. You can access this guide online.

The UK Stroke Club Conference Planning Group, made up of stroke club and group representatives and Stroke Association staff, are instrumental in designing the content and format of the programme. They listen to feedback from previous events, the needs of their own stroke communities, and the information that needs to be shared from the Stroke Association to shape the conference.

We are always striving to make improvements. If you have any suggestions or would like to join the Planning Group, please email us.

For further support, please call 01527 903 930 or email us at sends email)

The first online UK Stroke Club Conference took place on Monday 28 to Wednesday 30 September 2020.

You can see the 2020 programme and re-watch the sessions here.

If you enjoyed the UKSCC and want to attend other events, check out the UK Stroke Assembly events. These are for anyone with a connection to stroke.

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