Climber Steve Bowker's life changed dramatically when he had a stroke while 30 foot up a rock face in the Peak District. He shares his story:

'My lifelong passion has been climbing. It has taken me all over the world. Then, while climbing at Bamford Edge in the Peak District in 2016, I started to feel unwell. I didn't know what was happening, but fortunately my climbing partner realised something was seriously wrong and arranged mountain rescue recovery.

I spent two months recovering in hospital. In my 40 years of extreme adventures, I've never faced anything as scary as finding myself in a wheelchair with no control over my own limbs. After five years of rehabilitation, I've learned to walk again but I still have no use of my left side. This is particularly challenging as I was left handed!

My whole lifestyle has changed completely. I'm no longer fully independent or able to be as spontaneous as I'd like, but I'm adapting. I can't put up a tent anymore, so I bought a campervan and had it adapted for one-handed driving, so I can still get away to the mountains.

Over the last two years, I've been working to complete post-stroke ascents of all 214 'Wainwright Peaks' in the Lake District. What started out as a personal challenge and a way of maintaining a new focus in my post-stroke world, developed into a fundraising opportunity to help stroke survivors.

I've been tested by bogs, tied-up gates and dodgy stiles, beaten back by gale-force winds, endured miles of tussocked ground and survived several navigational challenges. However, after every knock-back, I've returned to make amends and to show these fells who's boss.

Throughout this challenge, I've improved my walking skills and re-learned how to do things like putting a rucksack on my back by myself. I've also enjoyed discovering the lesser used, sometimes more accessible, routes up the popular peaks.

I climbed the final Wainwright Peak in October 2020. I've raised over £1,900 so far to help support and inspire other stroke survivors. I want to show that there is hope after stroke - that with determination, it's possible to make some sort of recovery, fulfil personal goals and have adventures. And maybe one day, I'll even re-learn how to tie my own bootlaces!'

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