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Going back to work after a stroke can be a big change. If you feel ready to return, your employer should work with you to identify what your needs are and what adjustments they can make to help you.

Our partners, Posturite, are specialists in workplace health and well-being. Their Enablement Lead, Andy Rigby, explains your legal rights and what you should expect from your employer:

What does the law say?

The Equality Act requires employers to make 'reasonable adjustments' for people recovering from a stroke and returning to the workplace. It's important that individuals and families are aware of the support that is available.

Reasonable adjustments are changes to your workplace or the way you do your job to enable you to work without disadvantage if you have a disability.

How can your employer help you?

Your employer can arrange a Workplace Needs Assessment for you. These are one-to-one appointments with an enablement expert - paid for by your employer - to establish your needs and find solutions to both physical and/or cognitive challenges you may have at work.

The assessor will explore your job role, what you want to achieve, what your employer requires and the barriers you may face. They'll then produce a report with recommended changes.

What adjustments can help after a stroke?

  • Ergonomic equipment - Ergonomic and adjustable office chairs, keyboards and mice can help with physical challenges, such as one-sided weaknesses. Screen magnifiers can sometimes help with visual difficulties.
  • Changes to working arrangements - Changing your contracted hours or enabling you to work from home can help, especially if you have fatigue.
  • Assistive Technology - You can get digital tools and software to support with reading aloud, writing and grammar.
  • One-to-one coaching sessions - These are a great way to help you focus on your strengths and re-build your confidence. You could also do co-coaching sessions with your line manager, so you can work together to achieve your objectives.

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Find out more about Posturite, their Workplace Needs Assessments and products to help people returning to work after a stroke here.

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