Mobility, visual and some cognitive problems, as well as fatigue after stroke, can make moving around your home more challenging. Knowing you can get about safely is important for your confidence and independence.

Here, Careline365 share some tips to help you to improve your safety at home.

Safe walkways

One of the simplest ways to improve safety at home is to keep all walkways (hallways, stairs, doorways) clear to help prevent falls. Removing trip hazards such as cables, loose mats and curling rugs can make a huge difference. Make sure your hallways and stairs are well lit so you can see potential obstacles. 

Have an emergency plan

When you’ve had a stroke, it’s natural to worry about experiencing another medical emergency. Consider making an emergency plan, so if something happens, you have reassurance that you can get help. For example, making arrangements with family or getting a personal alarm. 

Improve accessibility

Installing ramps to prevent you tripping on steps, or handrails to help you walk from room to room, or to get in and out of bed, can make it easier to get around and reduce the risk of falling. If you struggle with the stairs, consider having a stairlift installed too. 

Purchase a personal alarm

Personal alarms enable you to get help if you have an emergency at home. The alarm is usually worn on a pendant around your neck or on your wrist. If you need assistance, you press the button and it sends out an alert to your family or a monitoring service. Some personal alarms even come with fall detection and GPS trackers.  

Use a mobility aid

If you have a mobility aid, such as a walking stick or frame, you should try to use it at home too, especially if it’s been recommended by your therapist. It’s important to remember that mobility aids exist to support your independence, not to take it away. Your mobility aid will also offer more support than your furniture as you move around. 

Ask for help

If there’s a task you can’t do safely then ask someone to help you. Or leave it if it’s less important.  

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See our equipment for independent living guidance. 

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