Stroke can change lives and take away those we love. But the story of their life and your memories live on. In June, we’re inviting everyone who’s lost a loved one to join us for A Walk To Remember. 

There are three simple steps to taking part in A Walk To Remember. 

  • First, pick a place that has a special meaning to you or reminds you of your loved one. 
  • Then create a route around that place. It can be any distance you like and is a lovely opportunity to bring friends and family together too. 
  • Finally, raise life-saving funds in your loved one’s memory to help people affected by stroke. 

Emily Higgins and her family are heading to Blackpool in memory of her great-grandmother. “In November 2018, my Nana – 97-year-old Hilda McDonald – passed away shortly after a stroke,” says Emily. “In her final moments, she was barely able to speak and could no longer see, but she held our hands tightly. She knew we were there.

“It felt like my Nana’s stroke not only cruelly stole her life, but it stole away the matriarch of our family. Leaving us with a hole that I don’t ever believe will be filled.

“But, that’s not how we will remember her. We’ll remember the woman who taught us how to be well-mannered and who shared stories about her life in the war. The woman who took us on holidays to caravans in North Wales, and who always wanted a cup of tea. We’ll remember the lunches we’d pack for our day trips to Blackpool, going on the rides, playing in the amusements and visiting the beach. 

“Blackpool always meant so much to her, so my family and I will be taking A Walk To Remember Nana down the five miles from Norbreck North Tram stop to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Pausing along the front to get the hot sugar covered doughnuts she loved, and dipping our toes in the water. 

“She used to tell me that one of the hardest things about growing old was that she knew where she wanted to walk, but her body just wouldn’t take her. So, I know she’ll be with us every step of the way. 

“We’re really looking forward to taking this opportunity to laugh and reminisce about our wonderful Nana. Knowing that we’re raising lifesaving funds in her memory will make this walk even more special.”

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Get more information on joining A Walk to Remember your loved one. 

If you need support after a bereavement, you can talk to us by calling our Stroke Helpline on 0303 3033 100. You can find more information about bereavement on our website. 

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