Stroke stories

Stroke survivors, carers, friends and family share their personal experiences of stroke.

Clodagh's stroke story
I had a brain stem stroke which left me with locked-in syndrome. It felt like I was a prisoner in my own body. Inside I was screaming but no one could hear me.
Grace's stroke story
When I was 13 my mum had a stroke. When she came home from the hospital I became her full-time carer.
Stroke stories podcast
Listen to stroke survivors, friends and family on the stroke stories podcast. The podcast was created by stroke survivor and Life After Stroke Awards judge Mark Goodier.
Nick's stroke story
I used to be Chief Executive of the Institute of Financial Planning, but in 2013 I had a major stroke which left me with aphasia, a communication difficulty.
Amber's stroke story
I had a massive stroke after my first year at university. The doctors told me I’d be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, but I refused to accept it.
Neil's stroke story
I was 13 when a rugby tackle led to me having a stroke three weeks later. It destroyed the speech centre in my brain. I've had to learn how to walk and talk again.
Tom's story
When I had my stroke the lights went out of me. I just wanted to be in total darkness – I had towels on my head to block out the light.
Simon's story
I always thought of strokes as either being ‘mild’ or ‘massive’ and fatal. My mum’s was massive but it wasn’t fatal.
Bryony's story
I had a stroke when I was 24. I couldn't walk or talk but I was determined not to accept this as my fate.