Explore our support hub for all the services provided by the Stroke Association. Find helpful advice and guidance for stroke survivors and their families. We're here to support you on your path to recovery.

Photo of a Stroke Association Support Line Officer wearing a telephone headset.

Stroke Helpline

Our Helpline offers information and support for anyone affected by stroke.

Here For You

A weekly phone conversation with one of our trained volunteers.

Alex at his stroke group

Support groups

Connect with other stroke survivors for practical and emotional support.

Ruth and Dr Terry talking at a table

Caring for a stroke survivor

This guide outlines some ways you can support a stroke survivor.

Photo of a stroke survivor dancing at a stroke group meeting

Life after stroke

We're here to support you to rebuild your life after stroke.

Two people laughing at a Stroke Group Network event

Online Activities

Online Activities which can support you in your recovery.

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Stroke News

Articles on support and guidance to all affected by stroke.

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Online Community

Speak with other stroke survivors about your experience in the Online Community.

Services in your area

Look for Stroke Association services in your area.

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