Transient Ischaemic Attack

A TIA or transient ischaemic attack (also known as a mini-stroke) is the same as a stroke, except that the symptoms last for a short amount of time and no longer than 24 hours. The FAST test can be used to recognise the signs of TIA as well. If you, or someone else, show any of the signs of stroke you must call 999. Don't wait to see if the symptoms pass or get better.

Every year at least 46,000 people in the UK have a TIA for the first time and although the symptoms may not last long, a TIA is still very serious. It's a major warning sign that a person is at risk of going on to have a stroke. 

Is FAST still important?

There's no way of knowing whether your symptoms will pass when they first start, so do the FAST test and seek immediate medical help, even if symptoms pass or get better quickly.

Always dial 999.

If you think you've had a mini-stroke in the past and have not sought medical attention, see your GP urgently.

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