Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland elections

In the run up to the May 2016 elections in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we asked our supporters to contact their candidates calling on them to commit to a set of key actions to help prevent strokes.

In Northern Ireland 60 candidates pledged their support and 26 are now elected as MLAs. In Scotland 38 candidates pledged their support and 14 are now elected MSPs.

Feeling overwhelmed

This report, the third in our Life After Stroke campaign series, highlights the emotional impact of stroke on survivors, their carers and families.

Read the Feeling overwhelmed report.

Not just a funny turn

This report is based on the experiences of 670 people who have experienced a TIA or transient ischaemic attack (also known as a mini-stroke) during the past five years,

Read the Not just a funny turn report.

Struggling to recover

In this report, you will see how survivors are not getting assessments of their health and social care needs when they leave hospital, or afterwards. This leaves survivors unable to access help at home or ongoing health support that could make a huge difference. Carers recount how the health and social care systems are hugely complex to navigate and how too many professionals still do not understand the hidden side effects of stroke.

Read the Struggling to recover report.

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