Order materials for your Know Your Blood Pressure event here. Please ensure you have registered your event before completing this form, as you will need your event number to continue. 

Please order event materials a minimum of three weeks in advance.

Ensure you order new pads if you need to, as these have been updated in May 2018 for all events from the 25 of May 2018 onwards.

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Know Your Blood Pressure materials
Order a stock of these materials to use at your event. Please ensure you order new KYBP Data Collection Pads as these have been updated for all events after 25 May 2018.
Please note these are sent out as pairs, as form a should always be used alongside form b. An order of ‘1’ set of pads contain enough forms for 50 event attendees
This outlines how to run a KYBP event, as well as the blood pressure guidance for appropriately trained Stroke Association Volunteers and Staff, and medical professionals, to follow on the day. We recommend having at least one copy available at a KYBP event.
Promotional posters
You may wish to order a few A4 posters to advertise your event in the local community, publicising the date, time and location. Our A2 posters are for you to display on the day to attract participants.
Stroke Association leaflets and posters
Useful additional information to have at your event. You might want to order a small stock of a few key items to display. We do not recommend ordering large quantities of these items as this will lead to surplus stock after your event.
Stroke Association factsheets
Useful information about the main risk factors for stroke. Please just order those which are relevant to your individual event.
Please note that 'Alcohol and stroke' is temporarily out of stock.
We will only use your email and phone number to contact you about your order.
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We greatly appreciate your support which will help to make a real difference to stroke survivors and their families.

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